Used Tyre Recycling - Used Tyre Recycling Corporation Pty Ltd

Used Tyre Recycling

Each year in Australia, tens of thousands of tonnes of used tyres are discarded.

The Tyre Recycling Process enables used tyres to be returned to their original raw material components in an environmentally friendly set of processes.

Rather than merely burying the used tyres in landfill, or disposing of them illegally, as has been the process for many years, the tyres are recycled into components that can be re-used for further processes such as the manufacture of plastics, more tyres, oil for heating or distillation to diesel, and steel for re-smelting.

In addition, the recycling process produces combustible gas which is used as bio-gas to fuel the pyrolysis process.


Below is a breakdown of the approx. percentages of components produced in the recycling process:-