UTRC Processes - Used Tyre Recycling Corporation Pty Ltd

UTRC Processes

Process 1 – Tyre Shredding

  • Install a NEW end-to-end Used Tyre Shredding Plant that shreds tyres into 4 cm strips.
  • The 4 cm tyre strips are then used in Process 2 – the Pyrolysis process


Process 2 – Tyre Pyrolysis

  • Install a NEW industry-leading, uniquely specified, very high-temperature, natural/bio gas, zero-emission used-tyre Pyrolysis plant.
  • The Pyrolysis process returns used tyres to their original components, including heavy oil, carbon black, steel wire, and fabric.


Process 3 – Carbon Black Powder Milling (Crushing)

  • Install a NEW state-of-the-art, zero-emission Carbon Black Milling Plant in order to refine the Carbon Black into 400 mesh size. UTRC holds numerous Patents for the treatment of Carbon Black, having worked closely with the “Green Centre” in Canada which is a Government organisation focused on delivering environment benefits.
  • UTRC will be producing high-value “activated carbon” for use with pollution reduction and waste water treatment.


Process 4 – Carbon Black Pelletizing

  • Install a NEW zero-emission Carbon Black Pelletising Plant so as to convert the fine powder into pellets for ease of storage and transport to global markets, together with use locally in Stawell by UTRC in other processes.


Process 5 – Heavy Oil Distillation

Install a NEW zero-emission oil distillation plant so as to refine the heavy oil from the pyrolysis process to Diesel spec. for sale as truck bio-fuel.